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Sept 2010 DSS announces 10 Years of Relentless Innovation

Dual Spiral Systems is pleased to announce our 10 year anniversary. For 10 years, our main focus has been to increase the productivity, efficiency and manufacturing quality of our customer's plastics extrusion processes.

As a result of continued research and development efforts and comprehensive product field testing, Dual Spiral Systems has established plastics extrusion technologies significantly more advanced than currently available systems on the market. Through these R&D efforts and comprehensive testing we have come to obtain a higher understanding of what design factors have the greatest effect on component performance. We strive to maximize performance and continuously push the limit as to what is achievable in an extrusion system by finding innovative new ways to optimize extrusion component functionality and operation.

As we have for the past 10 years, we will continue to enhance our position as a leading supplier of polymer processing machinery by exceeding customers' expectations of quality, performance and reliability. We feel that in order to remain on this leading edge of achievement in the field of plastics machinery design and manufacturing our research and development activities will be on-going and relentless.

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