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We will continue to enhance our position as a leading supplier of polymer processing machinery by exceeding customers' expectations of quality, value, and performance through integrity, reliability and dedication. By implementing a reduced overhead philosophy we pledge to reduce the capital investment involved in a customers' equipment purchase. We contribute to our customers' success by understanding their business needs and delivering specified products on time and providing on-going after sales support.

Dual Spiral Systems

Dual Spiral Systems Inc. is a manufacturer of high quality equipment for blown film, pipe/tube, and related plastics extrusion industries. The main focus of our company is to provide a customer with extrusion equipment that outperforms their expectations. After years of research and development, and product testing we feel confident that we can deliver an extrusion system that is years ahead of what is currently available. Our company is based on a strong commitment to customer satisfaction. We strive to improve customer satisfaction and continually push the performance limits of what can be achieved through process optimization and component performance. If you wish to discuss the products we offer, please contact us. We're here to help you become more profitable!

Dual Spiral Systems Extrusion Dies

Our Dual Spiral System (DSS) modular co-extrusion die, divides polymer flow from the extruder into two separate layers thus doubling the number of layers in the die. In this way, a 7-extruder die would in fact produce 14-layer film. The DSS technology increases the number of interfaces between film layers and results in substantially reduced thickness deviation, increased film strength and barrier property. Dual Spiral Systems Inc. supplies coextrusion dies based on proven technologies and proprietary design methods. The DSS is best suited to blown film, blow molding, tubing, and wire coating applications.

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Dual Spiral System Barrier Screw/Barrel Advantage

The extruder screw is one of the single most important and cost effective components in an extrusion line that can vastly improve line performance and profitability. Feed screws are often designed on a trial and error basis without taking into account the rheological nature of the polymers they are processing. This results in inefficient screws with low output rates, high melt temperatures and poor melt homogeneity. DSS feed screws, like our dies, rely on a scientific approach to their design that eliminates these problems. Let us introduce you to a new concept in extrusion feed screw technology: Dual Spiral System barrier screws.

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