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Computing and analyzing the melting capacity of a single screw extruder, enables the melting section of the screw to be designed around its melting capacity. As a result, Dual Spiral Systems barrier screws assure that the geometry of the screw matches the melting behavior of the polymer (balanced feed screw design).

Our screw designs are tested using the latest screw design software to enable us to optimize their design to process a wide variety of resins. Our high performance barrier screw design also involves an experimental analysis.

View of our Flow 2000 Simulation program

Process Improvements

The balanced melting section concept involves matching the geometry of the feed screw to the the melting behaviour of the polymer. It allows processors to take advantage of various process improvements. The main advantages include lower pressures along the axis screw, higher throughput rates, lower melt temperatures, and more stable extruder operation. Combined with several standard features we offer a high quality screw designed to outperform typical "high performance" feed screws.

Warranty and Price

Process Improvement Effect

Lower pressures along screw axis

Longer life due to reduced screw wear, maximized pressure stability and less power consumption

Less compression of melt

Optimized melt temperature and stability, maximized output and less polymer degradation

Efficient melting

Higher melt quality (no gels), at higher outputs

No flow restriction

Higher output and pressure stability

Improved mixing/melt homogenization

Wider blending ranges, uniform melt properties and maximized process flexibility

Streamlined design

Cleaner operation, faster changer over of materials

Dual Spiral Systems' barrels give enhanced abrasion and corrosion resistance under severe conditions in plastics processing equipment, especially when such fillers as glass, titanium dioxide, quartz, talc, mineral oxides, etc. are being used.

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