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In addition to high performance dies and feed screws, DSS also offers extrusion components to increase production efficiency and reduce down time.

Dual Spiral Systems manufactures single and coex cylindrical dies, high pressure melt filters, single and multi-material feed blocks, rotators/oscillators, adapters, and supplementary die lip sets.
Cylindrical Dies:
  • High performance single material or coextrusion cylindrical dies for film and tubing applications.
  • Bottom fed spiral mandrel distribution system with streamlined ports.
  • All melt distribution takes place in the spirals allowing the tooling to be sized to provide the optimum velocity and pressure balance characteristics necessary for uniform gauge film.
High Pressure Melt Filters/Screen Changers:
  • Custom designed high-pressure cylindrical/torpedo or slide plate geometry, forces melt through a cylindrical wire meshed screen.
  • Increased screen area increases length of time extruder can operate without requiring screen cleaning.
  • Screen changer will not leak even at pressures of 10,000 psi.
Feed Blocks:
  • Single and coex feed blocks for circular film and tubing.
  • Self cleaning streamlined designs requiring low maintenance.
Supplementary Lips and Adaptors:
  • Supplementary die lips with special wear resistant, friction reduction coatings.
  • Straight and angled streamlined adapters manufactured from high quality tool steels.
  • Low COF K05 die lip coating.
Cap Screws & Fastening Hardware
  • ISO Metric socket head cap screws & hardware.
  • Available as socket head, button head, flat head, shoulder screws & low head cap screws
  • DIN 912 Class 12.9, 10.9 & 8.8, available in lengths upto 1000mm
  • Stainless Steel & Non-Ferrous fasteners are also available.

  • DSS fasteners and hardware
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