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Dual Spiral Systems Inc. Wins Patent Case against Alpha Marathon;
Sustains Leadership Position in Blown Film Die Technology

Ontario, Canada - Dual Spiral Systems (DSS) has prevailed after a long-lasting challenge in Canada of one of its key patents for coextrusion die technology. A Canadian firm - Alpha Marathon Technologies (AMT) - had been challenging ownership of DSS' US patent through a series of legal proceedings in both Federal and Superior Court since 2005.

Court Dismisses all AMTs Claims

In 2005 AMT commenced legal action in Canadian Federal Court challenging Dual Spiral Systems' extrusion die patent claiming ownership and inventorship. On December 8, 2017 Federal Court dismissed AMTs claims and struck out their claim. Then AMT filed a similar action in Canadian Superior Court alleging the same claims as their previous action. On February 4, 2019 Superior Court dismissed all of AMTs claims as meritless, and like Federal Court dismissed their claim in its entirety.

Ruling Demonstrates Dual Spirals' Coex Technology Strength

The ruling once again demonstrates the strength of Dual Spiral Systems Intellectual Property portfolio and innovations and confirms DSS' position as an innovator in the field of coextrusion dies for blown film, double & triple bubble, tubing and related industries.

Dual Spirals die technology enables film extrusion dies to achieve high output rates while minimizing thickness deviations readings to under 4% (2 sigma) without a thickness correction device. DSS can also increase the number of layers within the die without additional machinery costs. Dual Spiral Systems is the sole inventor and manufacturer of DSS dies. DSS has not licensed their extrusion die technology to any other manufacturer and is the only provider of the technology.

Extrusion machinery design innovation is a cornerstone of Dual Spiral Systems' market focus and business strategy. DSS has consistently and rigorously defended its Intellectual Property on many occasions. Our patent has proven its relevance for protecting both DSS' and its customers' businesses.

About Dual Spiral Systems

For over 19 years Dual Spiral Systems has been supplying high performance extrusion equipment to the blown film and tubing industry. DSS specializes in the designing and manufacturing of high layer coextrusion dies. Each DSS die is custom designed, using our scientific approach that eliminates guess work and is field proven to achieve high performance results. As a result, we don't offer a pre-designed or standard "off-the-shelf" die. Our largest market is doing retrofits to existing blown lines. All our equipment is made in Canada from high quality North American materials.

Don't settle for imitations; trust the original Dual Spiral Systems

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