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Extrusion 2019 - Plastics Technology Conference
Dual Spiral Systems Inc. (DSS) will be speaking at Extrusion 2019. Rafael J. Castillo will be speaking at 4:00 p.m. on the first day of the conference on:

A Comprehensive Review of Blown Film Coextrusion Dies and How They are Designed/Optimized
Extrusion 2019 - Featured Speaker Every machinery manufacturer has their idea of how a blown film die should be designed. It is usually a combination of experience, computer simulation and intuition. In the past, different designers/companies have claimed that extrusion die design is a "black art", a nebulous task that involves an unquantifiable skill that they have that generates a die design that will perform flawlessly.
Sounds good, but what if your surgeon said the same thing before an operation, would you still go through with it? Maybe, if you didn't have a choice. But when selecting an extrusion die, you do have a choice. The best die design is the one that provides predictable performance, under different process conditions including different resins, output rates, temperatures and has the widest operating window possible.
This presentation will focus on different die styles/geometries that are currently available, their advantages, disadvantages and unique features. We will also discuss optimization of die design to achieve the most customer desired features, namely high production rates, low thickness variation, quick material changeover time and cost control.

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